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Skin Health Centre is located in Goodwood Park Hotel

#01-02, Parklane Wing of Goodwood Park Hotel,
22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221


Orchard (Approx. 15-min walk)
Newton (Approx. 15-min walk)

By Bus

Alight at Far East Plaza (Bus Stop No. 09219)
5, 54, 105, 124, 128, 132, 143, 162, 162M, 167, 167e, 171, 190, 190A, 518, 518A, 700, 700A, 971E, 972, 972A

Alight at Royal Plaza on Scotts (Bus Stop No. 09212) and Crossover to Goodwood Park Hotel
5, 54, 124, 128, 143, 162, 162M, 167, 167e, 171, 700, 700A, NR1, NR2, NR3

Alight at Thong Theck Building (Bus Stop No. 09213) and Crossover to Goodwood Park Hotel 
105, 132, 190, 971e, 972, NR2, NR3

By Car/Taxi/Grab

Enter the carpark gantry of Goodwood Park Hotel, continue driving straight and Skin Health Centre will be at the slip road on the right.

Parking is available at carparks near our premises.

Operating Hours

Mon – Fri: 9.00 am – 8.00 pm

Sat & Sun: 8.30 am – 6.00 pm

Contact Details

Tel: +65 6735 0142

WhatsApp: +65 9199 4618

Email: dedicate@frances.com.sg

Get in Touch

*By submitting this form, you consent for Skin Health Centre to collect, use, disclose and/or process your personal data submitted for marketing purposes and for you to receive marketing and promotional information by phone call, text messages and email. If you would like to withdraw your consent in future, please submit your request at dedicate@frances.com.sg